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Olla is a Berlin based singer. She has an extraordinary way to make her voice resonate inside her listener's soul. Her bread and butter is singing a variety of genres in her own unique way. The passion for music runs through her veins from a very early age.
Olla was born in Uzbekistan to a musical family.
Olla moved to Israel from Uzbekistan when she was 6 years old, and lived there until 2017.

After completing 4 years of vocal and preformance studies, Olla started her own vocal coaching and preforming live in private events.
After 5 successful years in her musical career in israel, Olla moved with her family to the big  arena - Berlin.
As a proud mother of 3 amazing kids, she is all forward to keep growing musicly, working with lots of talented musicians and as a solo artist in the future to come.

Liad Vanounou is an Israeli musician living in Berlin since 2007. As He moved to the big city he started to lead his own bands Mr. Mostash, Jachzen Bachzen and later on Cherry Bandora. With those bands Liad toured across Germany and Schwitzerland. Today Liad is active with teaching music, working with youth in musical projects, playing in his own original band Kool Tur and running a recording studio in Berlin.

Moshe is a musician and a multi instrumelist . Started his musical career in Tel Aviv with a background of Jazz and classical music education and playing the flute and the piano. After learning to play the guitar he and other local musicians founded the post Punk/Psychadelic rock band 'Soda Fabric'. The band recorded an album which was released through the label 'Anova Music' and received positive reviews from international music magazines such as 'Spin' magazine, 'Consequence of sound' and many more. Moshe toured Europe with the band and played in festivals ('Waves' in Vienna, 'Reeperbahn festival' In Hamburg, 'Talinn Music week', 'In-D-Negev' in Israel and more). At the moment he plays the synthesizer and tours with the oriental psych band 'Kool Tur', Working on his own productions and playing as a resident DJ in different clubs in Berlin.

Nimrod Lieberman is an active musician since 1999. After finishing music school in Israel (“Rimon”) and having a rich musical experience with various musicians in Israel and Europe (Such as: Shabak Samech, Vitarti, Brutal Polka, Siss and the radicl brothers, Roni Peterson etc.) Nimrod moved to Germany on 2016 to continue his musical path in the big city of Berlin. Currently teaching drums and active in several projects: Kool-Tur, Cherry Bandora, Hani mojtahedy, Berlin oriental group, Tremor, Black Pope, LeChaim.

Ofer Wetzler was born in Israel he was trained as a jazz and Classical trombonist. Between 2008 - 2012 he lived in Berlin, Germany, where he studied at the 'Jazz Institute Berlin' (Hanns Eisler) with a degree in Electric Bass as well as Piano, Drums and Music Theory. He was a bassist of the Berliner Ensemble and German Theater. Between 2012 - 2018 he lived in London, UK, where he worked as a session player and played with many artists and different genres. Since 2018 he live again in Berlin, where he teach and play with artists and group in Berlin as well as in London.

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